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A Grand River Poem, with regards to Dr. Seuss

Sixth Street Dam to Pearl Street

Oh, how diverse our Grand River will be!

Waves, riffles, runs, galore —

glides, and pools, and even more!

There is a difference, as you soon will know,

impressing your friends as downriver you go.

Knowledge of the river is so much fun,

a wave is not a riffle, a riffle is not a run, 

a run is not a glide, and a glide is not a pool,

they are all different, and different is cool.

A wave is formed when water jumps from fast to slow,

the spot this jump occurs will be fun for those in the flow.

A riffle is formed when water flows over gently sloping areas of riverbed,

through coarse cobble and boulders and then on ahead.

A run is formed downstream of waves and riffles, 

as the water becomes deeper and relatively swifter.

A seam is created between a run and the slower water that is adjacent,

it may hold fish so don’t be complacent. 

A glide forms upstream of a riffle,

when water speeds up and depth starts to shrivel.

A pool is a deep area of water that is slow-moving,

that forms after riffle and waves and can be quite soothing.

Oh, what a diverse Grand River you will see, 

when at last our plan comes to be!