Grand Rapids Whitewater Releases Preliminary Plan for River Restoration  By

Grand Rapids Whitewater Releases Preliminary Plan for River Restoration

“Restoring the rapids to the Grand River will be an important catalyst for the continued revitalization of the region’s downtown. The City is pleased to be a partner in this historic effort.” – Mayor Heartwell.

Grand Rapids Whitewater is pleased to share this preliminary plan to restore the rapids to the Grand River in downtown Grand Rapids. The plan is based on two years of scientific and engineering studies that evaluated the river bottom, sediment, wildlife and other factors to understand the river. The plan illustrates opportunities for recreation and rapids habitat restoration from Ann St (N) to Fulton St (S) and will create a one-of-a-kind centerpiece for our city.

We will begin a community engagement process after the New Year to talk about what we’ve learned about the Grand River, to answer questions and listen to concerns, and then create a shared vision. The public engagement effort will be facilitated by city staff, in conjunction with Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. as part of an effort to update the Downtown Master Plan.

Read the press release.


  1. Kevin Hubbard

    Can we see the full map?

    1. Chip Richards


      In the article above, please click the blue highlighted “preliminary plan to restore the rapids to the Grand River”, it is a hyperlink that will open the large PDF.

  2. Joyce Hutchison

    Who is the engineer who created this great graphic design? Good work.

    1. River Restoration, Jason Carey, PE, Carbondale, CO

  3. Whit Hutchison

    Life-long sportsman and explorer of American rivers, Guy Hutchison, would have been so happy about this project and proud that his granddaughter had a role in it. I can almost see him out there casting a well-placed fly along the restored rapids!

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