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Restoration Project could be done by 2025

Photo credit: WoodTV8

Grand Rapids citizens and visitors may not be seeing big changes in the River right now, but Grand Rapids Whitewater hopes to be making big splashes soon.

“[T]he river will look much different by 2025. That’s Grand Rapids Whitewater’s target date for the completion of  the river restoration project. It’s a project that is expected to cause a ripple effect, both literally and figuratively, on downtown Grand Rapids’ redevelopment efforts.”

Learn more about our tentative timeline for the Grand River Restoration Project in the article published by WoodTV8:

On Tuesday August 14, 2018 Richard Bishop Grand Rapids Whitewater President & CEO, in conjunction with the our partners at the City of Grand Rapids and Downtown Grand Rapids, Inc., presented an update to the Grand Rapids City Commission. This update highlights the true public-private partnership that has developed over the last eight years as we focus on the restoration of the river corridor.

The presentation represents a long-term vision for the restoration of not only the Grand River, but also the parks and trail systems that line the banks of the rive. This vision aligns with community planning processes like Green Grand Rapids, GRForward, Grand Rapids Whitewater River Restoration Plan, and The City of Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation Strategic Master Plan. You can view the entire city commission update below: